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The nonprofit service providers have come to know the positions and work of NYSFDB, and seek out our services and collaboration, and for referrals—for active defense litigation—for clients or homeowners that they are unable to provide legal services to.


NYSFDB presently engages in the following activities that are entirely dedicated to foreclosure prevention and defense:


  • Due Process Advocacy: Advocacy for and support of legislation to advance the intent of the New York State Legislature in adopting statutory protections to prevent equity theft, unnecessary or widespread foreclosures, fraud, and community destabilization in the 2006, 2008 and 2009 legislative sessions (the “NYS Legislature’s Foreclosure Prevention Intent”).

  • Collaboration: Collaboration with non-profit legal service providers to ensure that the New York State Supreme courts and foreclosing plaintiffs give regard to and advance the goals of the NYS Legislature Foreclosure Prevention Intent embodied in CPLR 3408. 


  • Advocacy: Act as a watchdog, to prevent intrinsic and extrinsic fraud on the courts and litigants.

  • Attorney Referral Service: Field incoming calls from non-profit legal service providers, housing counselors and homeowners in the New York City Metropolitan Area (Richmond, Kings, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Bronx and Westchester Counties) seeking to engage attorneys that will provide direct representation to, and submit legal arguments and papers on behalf of, homeowners in on-going court proceedings.



NYSFDB intends to engage in the following activities that are entirely dedicated to foreclosure prevention and defense:


  • Attorney Referral Service: NYSFDB plans to expand its attorney referral service and partnerships to serve homeowners statewide.  NYSFDB intends to build similar relationships, defense strategies and policy-development networks with non-profit legal service providers and housing counselors across New York State.


  • Attorney Training and Continuing Legal Education: CLEs, similar in scope to that which was provided by the president of the Bar when she conducted training for the law secretaries and law department at Kings County Supreme Court, and for the Young Lawyers section of the NYS Bar Association Annual Meeting; and by the vice president of the Bar on securing HAMP modifications and other loss mitigation options in the 3408 Foreclosure Settlement Conference Parts of the Court.

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