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     NYSFDB Members  are actively involved in trial courts and appellative divisions with jurisdiction over the counties that make up the New York City Metropolitan Area (including Long Island and Westchester counties), representing clients in the hardest-hit areas and litigation: drafting, submitting and arguing counterclaims and defenses in answers at the initiation of foreclosure actions by  plaintiffs in order that the defendant homeowner does not default in appearance and lose their due process rights; or at a later date seeking to restore such due process rights; submitting responses to plaintiffs' discovery demands or alternatively, instituting discovery demands (i.e. to determine whether there is fraud or “robo” signing in plaintiffs' papers); attending CPLR 3408 settlement conferences with clients to ensure that plaintiffs act in good faith and that modification or other work out agreements comply with law and the homeowner understands their terms; otherwise monitoring or replying to plaintiffs' pleadings in the attempt to move the matter to auction; and ensuring plaintiffs and their counsels' compliance with New York law and addressing the submission of false affidavits and other attestations.  

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